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November 2013:  Soldiers and their families make unfathomable sacrifices to protect our way of life. Operation Freedom Feet started as an annual campaign inspired by one woman’s mission to provide female soldiers stationed overseas a little bit of home.  Lemongrass Spa proudly runs the Freedom Feet Campaign all year.

“Holidays away from family can be the worst.  Especially when you are away because you are fighting a war.  Listen to what one U.S. Army Captain/mom/wife wrote about her holiday time during deployment. "It's difficult to be deployed during Christmas.  It's like you know it's that time of year, but without many of the American traditions present, it just doesn't feel the same...Everyone always looks forward to "good" packages with things in them that people take time to think about and send...Soldiers who are in austere locations hardly get packages at all.  Deployments to Afghanistan are a lot more rough. Soldiers can be located in outposts for months at a time, only getting mail occasionally at best. Sometimes the days and even the holidays come and go and you don't even realize it.  When your life is in danger everyday and when guys are fighting day in and day out - its hard to remember that it should be a happy time...much less the "holiday season".  Calls home, support from family and getting great mail are the ways to survive a Christmas deployed."

We have the chance to deliver "good packages" and  "great mail” to these more than deserving Soldiers who are fighting for our freedom.” 


Stefanie Van Ness, Senior Sales Consultant

Army wife for 9 years and counting!

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