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December 26, 2013:  Are You Sweating the Small Stuff?  Lemongrass Spa introduces two new deodorant lines, Roll-On Deodorant and improved Natural Deodorant Stick.
Fight odor-causing bacteria naturally with a blend of mineral salts, hemp oil, aloe and 100% natural essential oils, available in four varieties.  “I’ve been using the Lavender roll-on and am BLOWN AWAY.  Even on days where I do hot yoga, I don’t have to reapply.” – Samantha M., Iowa
Probiotics and arrowroot powder have been added to the original formula Natural Deodorant Stick for increased effectiveness.  Why choose probiotics?  Probiotics can be helpful in reducing odor-causing bacteria when we sweat.  They also are capable of producing antimicrobial peptides that can provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection.  New and improved Natural Deodorant Sticks available in six varieties, including the new signature Lemongrass.


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